11.11 Singles on Gearbest, Black Friday style event

11.11, or 11 November, is the day in which the Celebration of the Singles in China is celebrated, an event that makes register to the Chinese online shops sales equal or higher than those Black Friday! Gearbest starts celebrating this day as early as Monday 5 November with truly incredible prices, for example tablets and smartphones starting from dollars 11! Below are all the details on how the 11.11 event will take place and how to find the offers!

11 November

Where and how to follow the 11.11 event offers

This section will follow all the modalities of this important event and the pages in which you will find the offers and coupons. However, many exclusive offers and coupons may not be found on these pages because they will be communicated to us during the 11.11 event. So to not miss any offer, follow this article dedicated to gearbest coupons, the section of the site and the Telegram channel, where I will publish all the best offers and exclusive coupons in real time.

Tech Offers Telegram channel

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11.11 Gearbest event

11.11 gearbest event

This is the main page of the event, where you will find many offers, links to all available modes and 4 different coupons that will be renewed 4 times a day. The first coupon is limited to only 2 pieces, has a value of ben 97.56 € and can be applied to any article on the site. The second has a value of 87.90 €, restricted to 2500 pieces and can only be applied to certain items with a minimum value of 175 €. The third coupon has a value of 43.95 €, limited to 2500 pieces. Finally the fourth discount code applies the 10% discount and has a limit of 20000 pieces. After redeeming the coupon, you will find it in your account. Therefore it will be necessary to log in before redeeming it.

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New Preorder Mode

11 november gearbest preorder

In this new mode, you can save on 11 Novembre purchases with a simple one deposit during the first phase. From 5 to November 10, depositing a figure for a product to be purchased, the value of the amount deposited will multiply (depending on the product) and you can complete the purchase from 10 to November 14. For example: on some products, by depositing 10 €, the value of the amount deposited will become 30 €. So if the product has a price of 100 €, the final price will be of 70 €, having the right to a discount of 30 € after anticipating only 10 €! In this page more information and all available products.

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Coupon Rain - Rain of Coupon

11 november gearbest coupon

This phase extends from the 5 at the 14 November and Gearbest customers have the chance to win coupons through a game that will take place several times during the day, exactly at 9:00, 13:00, 17:00 and at 23:00. The customer can only participate once at each start of the game, so a total of 4 times a day. Find all the information and the game in This Page.

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Lucky Bags - Lucky Bags

11 November Gearbest lucky bags

Le lucky bags are now quite known on Gearbest, as they are present at every event. These are bags with an unknown content, however sold at a lower price than the items inside them. Their price ranges from a minimum of 1 $ up to a maximum of 50 $ and you can find them at This Page.

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Offers from Europe and Italy warehouses

1111 gearbest offers europe italy

Buying from European warehouses offers several advantages such as the certainty of not incurring customs fees and quick delivery, which usually takes no more than a week. And during the 11.11 event obviously could not miss the offers for European warehouses. You can find all the offers for the warehouses Spain, France, Poland and the Czech Republic in This Page. In This Page and this, instead, find the offers from warehouse Italy (Fast-36), with maximum delivery 4 days by BRT courier.

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Other modes

11.11 gearbest smartphone 11 dollars

Here are all the other pages with super discounts. Among these also smartphones and tablets for only 11 dollars! In the pages you find the countdown that indicates when the offers will start

In short, November will be a month full of offers and discounts and surely there will be surprises and news. To stay up to date follow the Telegram channel and activate notifications!

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