How to enable gestures on Xiaomi smartphones [Guide - Root]

Surely you have already heard of the gesture, or those movements that allow us to go back, forward, to the home, return to our active applications etc with simple gestures on the display, replacing the physical or virtual keys and simplifying different actions.

how to activate xiaomi gesture

For some time, after Apple, also on many Xiaomi devices, with the arrival of MIUI 10, it is now possible to activate this very useful function which, especially on large displays, makes it easier for us to use every day.

Unfortunately, not all terminals of the Chinese house, even with the transition to MIUI 10, have had the opportunity to activate them, so in this brief guide we will see how to enable the gesture with a small modification of the file build.prop (a sort of identification document for our devices).

What is necessary to enable the gestures?

The build.prop file is a system file and as such to modify it you need to have i Root permissions (obviously therefore with unlocked bootloader). Also a good one is needed system file explorer, you can choose the one you prefer on the Play Store.

How to activate gestures on Xiaomi

Enabling the gestures is really very simple since, in reality, they are already inserted in the software of our Xiaomi terminals with MIUI 10. If you have an older version it will not be possible to activate them.

Open the file manager and go to device / system / build.prop, then change the string from qemu.hw.mainkeys =1 a qemu.hw.mainkeys =0 (you only need to change the last number, 1, with 0). After this simple change, restart the phone and activate Screen Buttons in Settings> Display, after which you will finally find the option Full screen Display (o Full screen display) in your mobile settings.

How to disable the hardware keys

If you also want to disable the physical navigation keys for the functions that will now be handled by gestures (excuse the pun) you will just need to add some # inside a file contained in the directory keylayout.

Let's see in this case in detail:

Go to Device> system> usr> keylayout and open the file ft5x06_ts.kl, then we add # in front of the following keys:

key 158 BACK key 139 MENU key 172 HOME key 217 SEARCH

that will become

#key 158 BACK #key 139 MENU #key 172 HOME #key 217 SEARCH

At this point you will only have to disable the backlighting of the keys from Settings> Additional Settings> Notification LED or alternatively by downloading the app Capacitive Buttons from the Play store and restarting the device.

Capacitive Buttons Pro
Capacitive Buttons Pro
Developer: Sleepy Dragon
Price: 1,59 €

Unfortunately, currently the guide does not work with small terminals (such as Xiaomi Redmi 4X o Xiaomi Redmire 4 Pro) come on Xiaomi Mi Note 3. Instead it works perfectly on Xiaomi Note 4 Redmire.

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