Enable home button with Midori browser

Midori is a web browser based on WebKit, designed to be light and high performing, it has a very minimal interface that can be enriched through some extensions.

Midori is used as the default browser by Elementary OS and Bodhy Linux

Compared to Chromium or Firefox the speed is lightning-fast, the loading of web pages is almost instantaneous and the navigation is very fluid, but this does not mean that it is better than the competition: Midori is in fact a browser that includes the strictly necessary to be able to browse online and load the content of the page as quickly as possible, so far from having the many features integrated for example in Chromium that would inevitably weigh down the software.

A fully acceptable choice of developers, aimed at satisfying the needs of users who want a no-frills navigation but which is obviously not without problems: the first of all, the installation of Flash Player and Java is quite difficult (it is clear that this it is a personal opinion, I bet that many of you have managed to make everything work without problems, but in my case, even following the FAQ on the official website, I am having various problems with the operation of these 2 plugins, perhaps because of the 64bit architecture? ).

Installation of Midori on Ubuntu and derivatives

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa: midori / ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install midori

After this brief introduction on Midori, I would like to share with you the solution to a question that although trivial is not very intuitive:

Where is the home button, or if you prefer, the "Open start page" button? how do you activate it?

After reading some users convinced that it was not possible to enable the Midori home button, here is the solution, which must be said is very simple:

  • Open the Menu -> Pref Renze, select the tab "Extensions"And tick the extension"Toolbar Editor "midori
  • After enabling the extension click with the right mouse button on a button on the Midori bar, it does not matter which one, do it for example on the button to refresh the page and from the selected drop-down menu "Customize toolbar"midori
  • You will be shown a window with all the keys to be added to the bar: select the button for the start page and add it to the list of displayed objects.midori

You will have enabled the home button in Midori, you can also reorder the buttons by dragging them from the list of displayed objects.

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