Enable Root permissions on Android, for all devices

Kingo is a tool for Windows with which you can get / remove root permissions e unlock the bootloader in just one click. The nice thing about this tool is that it works on a wide variety of devices, from Nexus to Samsung, to HTC, Lenovo, Huaweii and more!

But ATTENTION, not all that glitters is gold! Looking for information on this tool, which seemed nothing short of fantastic, I read several comments on managing the data of the rooted device. That is, once the device is assigned to this tool to root, they say that it spies the user data to publish it on the network, precisely on a Chinese server. So much so that the posts on the forum by XDA, regarding the tool, they had been removed, instead starting discussions on this topic. Today, however, I see that, on the contrary, discussions no longer exist and the tool is spoken quite well, even if we still read about some users with these doubts.
That said, I present the tool to you and it's up to you whether to use it or not.

Root procedurekingo-root

  • Download and install Kingo on your PC | Download in English
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone
  • connect the phone to the PC
  • as soon as it is recognized, press ROOT
  • in a few minutes the device will have root permissions
  • reboot

Apparently Kingo is also capable of do not increase the KNOX counter present on Samsung devices, as well as being able to remove the root, and the following video shows it, as well as explaining the procedure (even if English).

Supported devices

I have already said that the supported devices are many, and here are all the brands: Google (Nexus), HTC, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Motorola, LG, Sony, Micromax, Alcatel, Acer and Asus. For all models, I refer you to official page.

If your device is not listed, you can still try Framaroot, an app that enables root permissions directly from the terminal, without the aid of a PC!


Unlocking the bootloader only works on devices instead HTC e SONY and the procedure is similar to that of the ROOT, and as for the latter it is possible both to unlock and to block the bootloader.
As for the operation in general, I have not yet read about people whose operation has not been successful, indeed they all seem proud of Kingo's potential. However the Kingo team is available in case something could go wrong and you can contact them through the page Contacts.

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