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Libero mail it is probably one of the email services with the most limitations for the user: there are many requests for help in the various forums regarding his configuration with Android, and the cause of the problem seems to be that Libero allows mobile clients to access its servers, only if the device is connected via the WIND operator, which is really unacceptable.

Personally I tried to configure a free email using both the Android mail client and other clients available in the Playstore such as K9 Mail and using both the data connection with H3G that the WIFI network of Tiscali, but all the attempts have failed: I have tried various parameters found on the net including those mentioned on the official website and the result has always been a failure to communicate with the Libero servers or a Login error.

The solution consists of using the applications present in the PlayStore which merely link to WebMail by Libero, thus simulating access via browser via the provider's official website, with obvious limitations, both graphic and functional, such as for example the possibility of integration with other Email accounts.

Download Libero Mail

A patch more than a solution considering the offer of the major competitors like gmail of Google o Outlook from Microsoft, which are configured without any problems with each device and offer much more interesting features.

And how do you use free email on Android?

If you have managed to find the right configuration parameters, write it in the comments!

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