Xiaomi Accessories and Smartphones on offer!

The now famous Chinese company, Xiaomi, has been a great success; to prove it the data relating to the pre-order of the very new is sufficient Xiaomi Mi5, which - up until a few days ago - counts beyond well 14 million bookings! But despite this, Xiaomi expands into the rest of the world very slowly, and buying a smartphone from Italy would mean paying more with a probable surprise of the customs cost.

Fortunately, however, there are various online stores that ship to Italy not only from China, but that use various warehouses in different cities around the world and various couriers to make the Customs cost is not applied; the total cost will therefore be transparent from the beginning and without any final surprise.

One of these is GearBest, which despite having similar prices to other stores, today offers us various coupons to save a few euros on some Xiaomi devices, including the new Xiaomi Mi4S! In This Page all the devices on offer are available, but instead I leave you the coupons for some Smartphones 😉

Here are all the devices to which you can apply a coupon: if you do not know smartphones, in the same purchase links you will find all the features.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 16 GB
    Coupon: NOTE3PRO16
    Price: from 219 $ to 196 $
    Purchase link
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 32 GB
    Coupon: NOTE3PRO
    Price: from 246 $ to 239 $
    Purchase link
  • Xiamo Redmi Notes 2 32 GB
    Coupon: NOTE232GB (black colour); NOTE232GBW (White color)
    Price: from 158 $ to 150 $
    Purchase link
  • Xiaomi Mi4S
    Coupon: MI4SGB
    Price: from 404 $ to 339 $
    Purchase link

If it may interest you, find also Xiaomi Mi Band 1S at 16.75 Euro to this link, finally the beautiful Xiaomi Mi5, but unfortunately without discount and still in pre-order:

Xiaomi Mi5

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