How to update Elephone P7000 with Flash Tool

A few days ago I tried to update Elephone P7000 via OTA but with poor results due to a bug present in certain firmware. So I promised to post a step-by-step guide to updating Elephone P7000 through the proprietary tool, so let's not get lost in talk and see how!

We download the necessary files

If asked decryption key try downloading with a different browser; Firefox will work at 100%. After downloading all the files, you need to extract them.

How to install Elephone P7000 drivers

Driver installation was quite stressful. Apparently these drivers are not signed as a result Windows start asking yourself several times if you still want to install them with the possibility that in the end they won't work. All this after the entry into play of Windows Update, which, of course, will be completely useless.
Apart from the detection of mouse and USB keys - which on other operating systems work instantly - Windows Update does not lead to anything.

"Windows makes your life easier.”Cit.


First you need to turn off the Smartphone and remove the battery from our Elephone P7000, then connect it to the PC.
Wait for Windows Update to finish searching for drivers (which you won't find), then go to install them manually using the file you downloaded first, which should now be in the folder SP_Driver_2.0.
Now - depending on the version of Windows - the screen that tells us that the drivers are not signed will start appearing over and over again. Click on Install the driver software (about 6 times!)
driver-elephone-p7000 The screen at the end of the installation will be similar to this one

After installing the drivers you need to disconnect the phone from the cable, you are also asked to restart the PC but I didn't.
Leave the smartphone unplugged and continue driving.

How to update Elephone P7000

After installing the drivers, you can finally switch to the ROM flash to update Elephone P7000.

The procedure will delete everything, including media files. Perform a backup before continuing.

Let's go to the folder SP_Flash_Tool ....... and we launch flash_tool.exe as an administrator (right click -> Run as administrator)

At this point let's move to the tab Download in English and click on the button Scatter-loading, so we point to the ROM directory and select the file MT6752_Android_scatter.txt
Several rows will be added at the bottom, all selected, as in the following image
Elephone-p7000At this point we are ready for update Elephone P7000.

Just press on Download in English (green arrow pointing down) and immediately afterwards connect the phone to the PC again. If the drivers have been installed correctly, then a yellow bar will appear at the bottom, with a percentage of progress and elapsed time
elephone-7000-1In less than 5 minutes the procedure will end ..

... then just unplug the phone from the PC again, insert the battery and turn it on: your Elephone P7000 is up to date 😉


  • The first start will take several minutes, wait.
  • It is possible that, after starting the Download from Flash Tool and connecting the phone to the PC, you start a second procedure to install other drivers. Most likely in this case the update will not start, so once the drivers have been installed, you must stop the download and repeat: disconnect smartphone -> click Download -> connect Smartphone

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