Ainol: Mini Quad Core PC and Power Bank from 7000 mAh to 93 Euro!

Ainol it's a mini PC with operating system Windows 8.1 and based on the platform Intel Bay Trail. There are very many mini PCs with these technical features, designed especially for companies that need efficient and very compact technological devices, but Ainol stands out for some peculiarities!

The Ainol mini PC, in fact, also works from Power Bank, thanks to its internal battery from well 7000 mAh and that is perhaps why it is so appreciated by people. A more than moderate price, so much so that it is fully considered a low cost mini PC. The dimensions are very compact: we are talking about 14,4 × 11,3 × 1,5 cm, for a total weight of only 340 grams, which is not bad considering the potential.

FEATURES: we have a Quad Core @1.8 Ghz, exactly a CPU Intel Z3735F and an Intel HD Graphic GPU (GEN 7). The RAM is 2 GB, while the internal memory is 32 GB but there is also the possibility of expansion via microSD. The technical characteristics as you can see are pretty good, especially if we think that Ainol is a super compact low cost that manages to offer high performance, if used as a mini PC, but which if necessary turns into an excellent and capacious Power Bank.

Ainol is equipped with Wi-Fi connection, but a mini HDMI port, 2 USB 2.0 ports (plus a micro USB), Jack Audio and Bluetooth 4.0 are also available. The 7000mAh battery offers an excellent duration in terms of time, we are talking about approx 10 hours of autonomy.

The price of this mini PC is just 93.72, but you can save a few cents with the COUPON: AinolMPGB

Ainol is available on GearBest at the following link: Ainol mini PC with Windows 8.1

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