Alternative to ChromeCast? Here's to you SmartCast.

CHROMECAST it is not the only device capable of performing the mirroring, in fact today we see SmartCast, a valid alternative to ChromeCast, a dongle compatible with any device and any operating system; let's see how it works.

First we must have a relatively new TV, which has at least one slot HDMI to which connect the SmartCast and therefore the "old generation" televisions are excluded; the second thing we need is - of course - the device we want to replicate the screen on our TV, no matter which operating system our Smartphone / Tablet / PC / Laptop because SmartCast promises full compatibility with every OS, provided that the device in question has specific functions: Miracast, DLNA or Airplay, without which it would be impossible to take advantage of mirroring, all without going through third-party apps and this is not something to be taken for granted.

Simply connect the SmartCast to the TV and share the desired content (under the mobile network or WI-FI) through your device and you're done. We take care not to overload the SmartCast, because it is not a very powerful device: it offers us only 128 mb of RAM and just as many ROMs with no possibility of expansion.

Here is a list of supported content:

  • Decoder: H.264
  • Videos: 1080P, MPEG2, MPEG-4, H.264
  • Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG


SmartCast has the classic shape of a USB key and its dimensions are contained: 7 cm in length x 5 in width and 2 in depth for a total weight of 30 grams, also the cost is rather "restricted" due to the 45% of discount on the original price, so you can buy it by yourself 20 € in black color and with free shipping costs, I refer you to the purchase page on GearBest here. The offer ends on the 22 October after the 9.00.

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