Amazfit Cor 2: The new Huami wearable available on Gearbest

La Xiaomi, as many of you will know, as well as having your own company that produces mobile phones, wearables and other technological devices every year, it also has other small companies specialized in the production of particular objects. There Huami is one of these, and today we want to talk to you about Amazfit Cor 2: a smartband produced by the small Chinese company and which, we believe, can be a very competitive device even in our market.

The technical characteristics

This new smartband comes with a screen IPS LCD from 1.23 inches from which the user can easily read the messages received on the phone from applications such as Whatsapp e WeChat, or normal SMS. Obviously there is a Bluetooth module that will allow you to connect your smart bracelet to your phone, or even to your headphones and manage your playlist directly from your arm. The battery from approx 160mAH should run your smartband for at least 20 consecutive days, a pretty good average.

Technology is also present NFC which will allow you to save inside yours AmazFit Cor 2 prepaid cards to pay for travel within buses or subways where possible. You will also have full access to the ecosystem of Xiaomi and therefore you can associate your wearable with applications such as We Fit to keep track of all your movements and workouts. In addition, of course, in the presence of a cardio frequency meter which will allow you to always monitor your heart rate. We conclude the picture by communicating to you also the fact that this smartband is water resistant, according to the company it can reach up to 50 meters of depth.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Cor 2


Xiaomi AmazFit Cor 2 arrives on the Chinese market at a really low and competitive list price: 299 yuan which, at the current exchange rate, should be roughly 38€. Obviously the product in question is not yet available in our market, but it can be purchased from Chinese stores that ship here to us and, between shipments and taxes, the final price could reach little more than 50€. A price that, in our opinion, is still excellent for a smartband that really offers you everything possible. Currently it is about 80 € on Gearbest. And you, what do you think?

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