AmazFit Health: A new smartwatch for health control

After officially launching the new one Amazfit Verge 2, Huami has also decided to present a new smart watch. We are talking about the AmazFit Health, a new smart watch born with the intent to give its users an excellent device that can integrate the latest generation sensors to monitor and monitor their health.

AmazFit Health: The new smartwatch to monitor your health

After launching a smartwatch for sportsmen, but with a really interesting look, Huami has decided to give its users a new series of health watches. There Health seriesin fact, it aims to be a new series of wearable smarts that are beautiful to look at but with the main function of continuously monitoring your health.

The design seems to recall that of the former Apple Watch, with a rectangular dial and a silicone or fabric bracelet. The company has already presented three different colors with images that portray the clock in various angles.

Below the display we find the Huangshan No.1 chipset, a chip designed by Huami just for its wearables. This type of chip is composed of as many as four artificial intelligence processors that monitor and process the data coming from the test of ECG, calculation of heart rate and many other data. This type of chip allows to have a calculation center of all the data collected by the sensors to have the health monitoring as accurate as possible.

Another interesting aspect of this AmazFit Health is that the device can take advantage of the cloud services made available by the company. This will allow the watch to store the collected data even without being connected via bluetooth. Furthermore there will be a function that will allow the device, in an independent world, to send an emergency text message in case a heart attack is detected or heart rate problems.

In short, a smartwatch that could be really interesting for those who want to have a continuous tracking of their health and their vital values. The price of the device, for now, has not yet been communicated to us and, the official launch date, is still unknown.

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