AmazFit Verge 2: Ceramic body and ECG support

Let us return to talk about theAmazFit Verge 2. The production smartwatch Huami e Xiaomi, in fact, it is preparing to be launched during the event to be held in Beijing tomorrow 11 June. However, as the event approaches, the Huami started a countdown, in style Xiaomi, in which he revealed daily news regarding the second version of the series Verge.

AmazFit Verge 2: Ceramic body and ECG support

In a last article we had pre-announced the launch date and some interesting official firsts. The new smartwatch in the series Verge, in fact, will arrive on the market with a complete support to eSIM that will make the device completely autonomous and able to make calls and receive them without the need to be connected to a smartphone. However, the news is not over. In the last two days, in fact, the company has released two more posters, with a countdown, which reveal two other interesting aspects of the smartwatch.

The first poster, which marks 5 days at the official presentation, announces a new and very interesting feature that will be available on Verge 2. We are talking about a support ECG (Electrocardiogram). A type of functionality that, according to Huami, was added to a security factor of its users, in fact ECG he will be able to trace his heartbeat more accurately and accurately, and will even be able to reveal a cardiac arrhythmia in the case. Obviously the type of scanning is not absolutely comparable to a professional visit, made with professional means, but it can be used in an amateur way to keep yourself always under control during your activities.

Finally, the second poster, which marks 4 days at the official presentation, announces a novelty in terms of design and materials. The new AmazFit Verge 2, according to what was announced, will present a completely ceramic body. In the type of choice that, in addition to giving the device an extremely more luxury look, will also help to better protect the various sensors inside the smartwatch.

In short, this Verge 2 increasingly takes the features of a smartwatch really interested. The price, at this point, according to the first official and according to the first rumors should rise slightly compared to the first version. Someone is starting to shout about a launch price of about 250 euro at the exchange rate.


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