AmazFit Verge 2 will support eSIMs and 11 June will be launched

Huami is one of the companies that is continuously in close contact with Xiaomi. The two companies mostly work together to produce wearables as fitness trackers or smartwatches. After having talked about the official day of the launch of Mi Band 4, today there seems to be further news on the event. It seems, in fact, that together with the new one Mi Band, the next 11 June the new one will also be presented AmazFit Verge 2.

AmazFit Verge 2: eSIM support and presentation set for 11 June

It is a period of launches and presentations for the small sub company of Xiaomi. In fact, Huami only a few days ago he had launched the new ones AmazFit Verge Lite e AmazFit Bip Lite. Today, almost surprisingly, the company has decided to anticipate the presentation of the new smartwatch Verge series that will happen next 11 June. In reality, the announcement was made by Qualcomm China that, on your profile Weibo, he posted an image that anticipated the launch date and more.

AmazFit Verge 2

The post talks about how the Qualcomm has worked, in the last period, in close contact with Huami for the production of a new device that will be presented next 11 June a Beijing. If the post had stopped here no one could ever think of the Verge 2 ma Qualcomm gave us more details. It seems that the new device will have a complete set inside eSIM support of Netcom. A type of technology that will make it possible to enter into contracts with telephone operators without having a physical but, indeed, electronic SIM. With this technology the new one AmazFit Verge 2 can make calls, or receive them, independently and without the connection to a smartphone.

But it does not end here, in fact in the poster a famous phrase is mentioned: "I Love You Three Thousand". A phrase put there not by chance. In fact it could be a small spoiler on the processor that will mount the new one Verge: The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100, a processor that was introduced last September and that brings many improvements over the 2100. Moreover, the famous phrase of the world The Marvel movies, could mean a probable collaboration between the Huami smartwatch and the American publishing house. The collaboration could consist of simple limited editions dedicated to the Marvel world.

In short, the next one 11 June has become a day to circle in the calendar. Day when we can officially know the AmazFit Verge 2 and the new Mi Band 4!


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