AmazFit Verge Lite officially presented: Promises 20 days of autonomy

After the launch of the Lite version in Casa del Bip series di Amazfit Huami wanted to present another product of its own smartwatch line. We are talking about the AmazFit Verge Lite, another cheaper version, but at the same time surprising, which should also reach our markets.

AmazFit Verge Lite: The new inexpensive smartwatch that promises an autonomy of at least 20 days

Obviously the smartwatch line of Huami, small sub-company of Xiaomi, are known for their beauty but, above all, for their functionality. Especially the line Verge it is considered a sporting line and with features, therefore, that can help the typical sportsman to trace his own workouts. Compared to the normal version, this Lite should differ only in price and autonomy.

AmazFit Verge Lite

For this AmazFit Verge Lite autonomy passes from the 6 days of the standard version to even 20 days of complete autonomy in the Lite version. The price, however, collapses dramatically from 799 yuan of Verge ai 499 yuan of the new version Lite, about 65 € at the current exchange rate.

A version Lite that does not give up even the display, in fact we can find a Circular AMOLED from 1.3 inches and 360 x 360 resolution. Not even in the sensors Huami wanted to save something: the will be present GPS, the sensor for the heartbeat and, indeed, the GLONASS. The latter, however, if kept active brings the autonomy of the smartwatch to collapse on the 40 hours.

In short, a Verge Lite that of Lite, at this point, it seems to have only the price. In China will really be a best buy, here in Italy the unknown remains the price. In fact, the normal version is already sold around us 150 € (100 € with offers from China). One version Lite just below i 100 €, however, they would do of AmazFit Verge Lite a smartwatch on which to point with your eyes closed!

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