Andoer: compact action camera at 360 ° at 112 Euro

Andoer is a company specialized in the production of audio and video cameras and accessories; a few months ago we have already seen a submersible camera up to 30 but 40 €.

The one I'm talking about today is instead a fairly compact action camera for shooting 360 °. Below is a video showing all the details; it is in English but those who do not know it can still understand how it works.

Features Andoer action camera 360 °


This action camera is fitted with two ultra-wide angle lenses 220 ° with focal aperture f / 2.0 and focal length f = 1.1 mm. The two sensors are 8 MP CMOS and can take photos at a maximum resolution of 3008 x 1504 pixels. The maximum resolution of the videos is instead 1920 x 960 pixels with a maximum of 30fps.

The captured videos can then be viewed in multiple modes, including the normal, spherical and panoramic modes. For watching videos, simply connect the action camera via WiFi to an 7.0 + iOS device, Android 4.2 +, or to a computer. As for archiving, it is necessary to mount a maximum microSD from 32 GB.

Andoer is equipped with a microphone, speaker and black and white LCD display, on which information about the duration of shooting, battery status, etc. is indicated. There are 3 buttons that will be used to turn the action camera on or off, turn the WiFi on or off and to start or stop filming; an application is also available to control it in comfort from your smartphone.


On the lower part of Andoer, finally, there is the hole for fixing and there are two supports to fix the action camera also to the bike. Also available are adhesive, bag to carry it around and USB cable to recharge the battery from 1500 mAh.


The dimensions are 6 x 5 x 3.4cm and the weight 106 grams. It is available in black and the price is 112 Euros with free shipping.

Buy Andoer, 360 ° action camera by clicking here

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