Andoer H8R: Action camera from 16 MP, 4k @30fps to 54 €

In the past we have already seen some action camera very valid at fairly advantageous prices and we often publish offers in this regard also on our Telegram channel.

Today we're going to see a very interesting one at home Andoer, which is currently discounted by 26%.

Features Andoer H8R

Andoer H8R price

This compact camera mounts a sensor Sony IMX179 da 16 MP Capable of capturing images and videos with maximum resolution a 4k. The maximum of frames per second at this resolution is of 30, to increase up to 60 fps with resolution 1080p e 90 fps for resolution 720p.

The maximum zoom is 4X, while the visual angle is of 170 °. The videos are recorded in MP4 and among the various shooting modes are present time lapse e slow motion. Images, on the other hand, have a JPEG format.

Andoer H8R It is equipped with an 2 LCD display and various keys for switching on, shooting etc. However, a small remote control is also available to control it remotely and can even be managed by Android smartphone, via WiFi. It also has the output HDMI and the micro USB port to connect it to the PC; it is also supported Linux.

H8R has a removable 900 mAh battery and is equipped with a large fixing kit: there is also a waterproof case for immersion up to maximum 30 meters.

The size of this action camera is 5.9 x 3 x 4.1 cm and weighs about 61 grams. Andoer H8R is available in various colors and has a discounted price of 54 euros (instead of 72 €) with free shipping.

To buy Andoer H8R at 54 € click here

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