Android 4.4.3 released for Nexus devices, Factory Image and OTA available

Although with a little delay, we at InTheBit also update our blog, reporting the availability of 4.4.3 Android KitKat -The third evolution of KitKat-.

The graphic innovations are few, but very noticeable, and give us an idea of ​​how the next Google made robot will be.

The only things that have changed are the dialer and the phonebook, which are much more beautiful than before, in a blue / blue style, with GMail-style contact icons, a dialer with the "recent contacts" section, which makes it more appealing. and the blue dialer keys with a white background. These are the appreciable novelties from this 4.4.3, is Google anticipating us the next Android release? Well, if that were the case ... Congratulations, the new design is very beautiful, I like it a lot.



Dialer (thanks for the photo)

In the Android KitKat source code would have been made over 7000 commits (GitHub AOSP) , this means that many problems have been fixed such as the sudden stop of the 4G LTE connection.

In short, a substantial release, meanwhile we inform you that you can download Android KK 4.4.3 for the following Nexus:

> Nexus 5

> Nexus 4

> Nexus 7 2013

> Nexus 7 2012

> Nexus 10

Here i drivers: [NEXUS]

Here the factory images:

Download via OTA should have started

What do you think?

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