Android 4.4 KitKat for Xiaomi Mi2 and Mi2S in dual boot

In a previous article I explained how to install Android 4.4 KitKat on Xiaomi Mi2 without, however, the possibility of dual boot thanks to a modified recovery (from a certain ivan). Now, the same user who released the ROM made it compatible with dual boot. 

The news comes from the forum and I have to thank a reader for pointing this out in a comment. I have, however, tried to install the ROM and it seems to go perfectly, so I report here the procedure to flash the ROM. 

Please note: flashing a ROM can cause permanent damage to your terminal. Only proceed if you know what you are doing.


To start you must install cwm, then activate TrueDualBoot from the advanced menu. This will restore your terminal to factory status, since it will divide the System 1 from the System 2, so as not to lose applications, data, configurations etc. (media files will not be deleted) I recommend you to do a Nandroid Backup for the system that you don't want to lose (or both), in order to get the ROM back to the state in which you left it in very few steps.

The package necessary for the complete installation, which is found in the link at the bottom of the article, includes 4 file:

  • - Ivan recovery with dual boot support
  • AOSP-aries-20131114 zip ... - ROM KitKat
  • PA_gapps-modular mini-zip ... - the mini Gapps because the full version does not seem to fit the contrary of these.
  • - the file to get ROOT permissions


Flash recovery and dual boot ROM

  1. Connect your Xiaomi to the PC and copy the 4 files to a folder
  2. Restart the phone in recovery mode (volume up + power button)
  3. Choose to install a zip file from the SDcard, then move to the folder where you copied the 4 files and select the new recovery and install it on System 1
  4. Restart the recovery, you will see that at the bottom "by Ivan" will appear
  5. Make a nice wipe data, cache and dalvik cache for the system on which you want to install the recovery
  6. As in step 3, choose to install from SDcard, this time choosing the ROM, then AOSP-aries-20131114 zip ..., on the system that interests you
  7. Repeat the operation for gapps and SuperSu in the same system
  8. Restore the nandroid backup on the other system to return the other ROM as you left it.
  9. From advanced select which system to start, then choose the one on which you have installed KitKat
  10. Restart to find KitKat! Obviously it will take a few more seconds to start up, wait


Switch system1 <–> system2

To change the ROM in use, every time you should restart the terminal in recovery mode, select advanced and choose the system with the ROM you need. To facilitate this operation, or rather to speed it up, there are many 2 alternatives.

  1. You can use Xposed modules that add more options to the reboot. We talked about it here and are appropriate for MIUI. They may also be compatible with other ROMs but if you want to test them, do it at your own risk.
  2. You can install this application (created by user M1cha), which is compatible with multiple ROMs, and allows you to see the system in use and restart by changing it. To install it, copy the apk to a folder and install it as a normal application via a file manager.


First opinions

The ROM seems to behave well with regards to fluidity, the ignition is also quite fast. Honestly at the first start the first thing I did is change the Dalvik with Article out of curiosity, but the differences at first glance seem few, apart from the fact that some applications could give problems with regards to installation (perhaps even use). I can't wait to test the battery life, but I doubt that both at MIUI levels and with an average of 4 hours and with peaks of 5 hours and 30 minutes (screen on) is really the best, considering also all the apps running in the background.
The audio is not bad by comparing it with Cyanogen and ParanoidAndroid that I tried before, where the sound was low or even gave problems, while the camera seems to work great!


Follow here the complete review, comparison with MIUI, performance, battery life and more.


ROM package | Download


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