Android 4.4 KitKat for Xiaomi Mi2 / Mi2S

We had spoken in a previous article of an Android KitKat port for Xiaomi Mi2. The porting was carried out by the user @ 秋叶 dopo the day after the release of Android KitKat and today he made the Download of the ROM available!

This version we can still call it a beta, so with some minor bugs, even if you are from the various reply posts on the forum it seems that no problems have been found!

To flash the ROM, however, it is necessary to have a different recovery from both the MIUI and the CWM. So it is not possible at the moment to have a dual boot of this ROM as for the others, as we explained here. Also for the installation of the new recovery and of the ROM a full wipe will be performed, so you will lose all data. Make a good backup before starting.

xiaomi-mi2-kitkat xiaomi-mi2-kitkat1 xiaomi-mi2-kitkat2
xiaomi-mi2-kitkat3 xiaomi-mi2-kitkat4 xiaomi-mi2-kitkat5
xiaomi-mi2-kitkat6 xiaomi-mi2-kitkat8 xiaomi-mi2-kitkat9


  • Flashate the new recovery
  • Enter recovery mode
  • Perform a wipe data and a factory reset
  • Select install zip
  • Select zip from / external_sd
  • Select the downloaded ROM
  • Restart

After the ROM flashes, the recovery may report an error message of the type "unknown volume for path". This is a small bug that has no effect on the flash, so ignore it. On startup if you are not in the KitKat ROM, start the other system.

In the download you will find two different recovery systems. e The first is for flash with PC, the second for flash from the terminal.

Download | Link

Password: yvlo

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