Android 5.0 Lollipop: Compile the AOSP sources for Galaxy S3 I9300

Arter97 still amazes us, it is the first developer to compile an AOSP 5.0 ROM for Galaxy S3!


The ROM obviously is not stable, on the contrary, it is very unstable, the drivers do not work properly, the base operating system is not optimized, the wifi network does not work, like all connectivity, the camera is totally AOSP, and should not be flashed the GApps otherwise it becomes even more unstable ... however the primary goal has been achieved: to see the Android 5.0 Lollipop boot and it's already a good start!

The kernel is not included in the rom, it should be flashed apart, I will post the link at the bottom along with the thread, and the ROM download




-RIL (Phone calls, messages, mobile data, baseband)

-KODAK / Video Camera

- (Partially not working) GPU driver

-even more…


We recommend installation to more experienced users, we do not recommend using it daily [WIP], we recommend making a Nandroid Backup of your ROM, and following the guide 🙂

(The rom is distributed as a backup for the PhilZ touch, the zip file does not contain scripts for installation from a simple zip file)

- We download the ROM (Link at the bottom) and the Arter97 kernel (Link at the bottom)

- We only extract the folder contained in the ROM ZIP

- Let's transfer it to the path / storage / sdcard0 / clockworkmod / backup - Let's transfer the kernel as a simple ZIP file to a folder of your choice

- Restart in recovery (combination or adb)

-(Optional) Nandroid ROM Backup!

- Wipe data / wipe cache / wipe system / wipe preload (Do not clean the path / data / media or internal storage!)

-We select the Backup & Restore item

-Restore from / sdcard0 (or Internal Storage)

- wait for the restore which will last a few seconds

- flash the kernel from the folder you chose earlier

-wipe data / wipe cache

- Reboot System

*Flashing the kernel is MANDATORY and remember that the ROM only supports the Arter97 kernel, furthermore the ROM does not have the kernel image with it, so it is mandatory to flash it


XDA Thread: Android 5.0 Lollipop I9300 - AOSP - WIP -Arter97

Download ROM: Arter97's BasketBuild - I9300 - 5.0 AOSP

Download Kernel: Arter97 Kernel - v4 - beta1 (removed from server)

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