Android KitKat on Samsung device, the current situation

Emerged a few days ago, here is the official document of the Phase 4 of updates to the KOT49H build (KitKat 4.4.2), let's analyze it together


(of the 25 / 04 / 14)

The Galaxy Note II has already received Android KitKat (in France), in fact it is possible to update it, how? See it here

The Note II LTE has completed the update, in fact it is available for download (old document as mentioned, but the most recent)

Bad story instead for S3, N / a means Not availible, (as we see below is written I9300 Update has been canceled two to insolved problems means "The update for Galaxy S3 I9300 has been canceled due to unsolved problems) * As we will see at the bottom, a second report will emerge, the cause does not seem to be the only one gig of RAM ... but something that could be solved easily

The Galaxy S3 LTE I9305 is instead to receive the long-awaited Android KK, it is currently in the final tests

S4 mini, S4 mini LTE have completed the upgrade, except for S4 mini, which is in Final testing (a matter of days) and in a few days will receive KK

Notes 3 Neo, is waiting to be approved by Google, so also for this is a matter of a few days, finally the Grand 2, Grand Mega 5.8 ″ / 6.3 ″ are in full testing, the update for them is scheduled for June 2014 .

These would be the devices that together with S5, S4, Note 3 are about to receive KitKat, unlike S3, except (in my opinion) unfairly, in fact there are many messages (even threats to change brands, insults) on the page of Samsung Mobile UK, regarding this topic, after a few days ago Samsung Mobile UK officially declared S3 support terminated. However, the failed update report has emerged, and as you will see, the cause is not RAM:


We can see the ridiculous reason for canceling the update: "Failed to load system apps" and even "Failed" status when a solution could really be found, as it is not a huge problem.

The Kernel, it works, the CPU drivers also, the telephone part seems to work, the Android system "Runs" but the implementation of the App does not go, and it seems to me a too stupid reason, just see Custom ROM like the S4 revolution, suits the S4 / Note 3 functions adapted to S3, and everything runs smoothly ... with a little effort they can do it to solve this problem. (Note "Canceled for now", this means that Samsung does not exclude a turnaround, and is "canceled only for now") So we ask Samsung Mobile UK, Samsung Mobile IT, Samsung Mobile DE, Samsung Mobile FR, and other Samsung sites around the world, specifically the one in Korea (as you decide whether or not to update), but above all to Samsung Mobile UK and Samsung Mobile Korea to turn back and try to solve this problem, S3 is still a great device, it can't be abandoned like this!

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