Android Lollipop: Builds working for Galaxy S3 - Nameless ROM - CyanogenMod 12 Unofficial

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UPDATE 20 HOURS: 32: Nameless ROM: Serious bugs and bootloops - many users have found a bug in the authentication of the SIM Card, entering the PIN exactly, it is not accepted until asking for the PUK which obviously is not accepted and the SIM is to be thrown away, pay attention, I suggest you find another phone and remove the PIN from the SIM for the moment. Bootloops - It is still unclear whether it is due to the kernel or recovery, but many have encountered bootloops, we recommend trying various recoveries, some have succeeded with TWRP, CWM or PhilZ, some with Arter97 recovery , in short, try all the recovery! Meanwhile, on the question of GPS, the developer says that in the next version it will be fixed and that the solution to the bug has already been found. CM12 Unofficial: JustArchi is working hard to fix the various bugs, it's going well. 🙂 [Monitor the threads!]

Remember the old article I linked above?

Well, the developments, since that time for Galaxy S III have gone far ahead ...

JustArchi and Arter97 have "combined" their strength to build the CM12 Unofficial for Galaxy S3 and it seems they have succeeded, it seems to be the FIRST build for I9300, but it still has a lot of bugs (graphic glitches, calls, messages, gps, gapps do not go). [Thread: at the end of article 🙂]

This morning, instead of the developers, precisely the developers of Nameless ROM have compiled the AOSP sources for Galaxy S3, and it seems to work EVERYTHING! Except the GPS (?) And the home button wake but you can always "wake up" with the power button even if it seems to me a feature of Lollipop, this one. NameLess developers: dhiru1602, Eviscreation, jumoog

In short ... 5.0 Lollipop is coming both in AOSP and CM, for S3, we also expect PA and OMNI, but also SlimPop (They take the name of the right release? 🙂)




1) Restart the device

2) Recovery

3) Wipe / system, / data, / preload, / cache, and the "remnants" of the old and dear Dalvik VM!

4) Install the ZIP file containing the ROM and the GApps (links at the bottom) [Install it normally]

6) Restart


1) Restart in recovery

2) Wipe cache

3) Install the ZIP file containing SuperSU

4) Wipe cache

5) Restart.

* We also note that the OpenGL and SELinux libraries work 🙂

(OpenGL libraries are the Microsoft DirectX equivalents, Open-source, SELinux is a Linux kernel module for security).


XDA Threads: CyanogenMod 12 Unofficial I9300

Nameless ROM I9300

ROM Downloads: CM12 Unofficial ALPHA1 20141112 (not recommended)

Nameless ROM I9300 5.0 20141114 (recommended) (removed from server)

GApps Downloads (valid for both ROMs): GApps Lollipop 20141109 (BasketBuild)

Download SuperSU (Rooting): SuperSU flashable ZIP by recovery

My XDA: steita

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