Android Lollipop for Xiaomi Mi2 (s)

You are waiting for yours Xiaomi Mi2 (s) receives Android Lollipop? Well, if you wait for the MIUI to update its ROM, maybe you wait in vain, if you are instead waiting for the release of the CyanogenMod, credo che tra qualche settimana sarà già disponibile.

Tuttavia girano già versioni di Android Lollipop per Xiaomi Mi2 e quella che potete scaricare è stata compilata da Ivan, uno sviluppatore cinese che già in passato ci ha dato la possibilità di provare diverse ROM sul nostro device.
La ROM (AOSP) pare sia stata rilasciata già da qualche giorno e di conseguenza sono stati fatti più test, infatti pare che i bug siano pochi e non tanto gravi:

  • Calls via Bluetooth headset cause the system to have FCs
  • CDMA not entirely functional
  • The use of dual boot is not recommended.

Unfortunately I have not yet tried it, I am downloading it right now (alas to 70kbps) and, to tell the truth, I have only now discovered the news thanks to our friend and collaborator Flavius, who published the news on his blog AndroidOS-LAB. If you want to download it, you can do it directly from the cloud, since on the MIUI site - source of the news - a response to the thread is required to see the download link and it's what I've never accepted, so I won't even mention the source. Link after images

Download | Link [Password: jq5q]
Mirror | Link1 - Link2
RecoveryCwm | Link [for MIUI 6, Android 5, no TDB]

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