Android on Windows with BlueStacks

Lately we are seeing many devices that try to integrate multiple operating systems on a device or hybrid creations between tablets and / or smartphones and PCs. Devices that can be used for work thanks to Windows and free time via Android.

Android, however, is an operating system that can work on almost all devices and in fact we are seeing it everywhere as well as on cars, radios and even appliances. So there are already various ways to emulate Android on PC and long ago we saw how to make it work on Linux operating systems thanks to Virtualbox, today instead we see how to use Android on Windows.

AMD has decided to create a whole between the two systems, allowing the user to use the necessary system by means of BlueStacks, awarded at CES 2012 as best software.

In the presentation video BlueStacks seems to integrate perfectly with Windows 8 and the controls managed by the sensors can be simulated from the keyboard, instead we see in this article the behavior on Windows Seven.


Installation is quite simple: download the file from the following link

Download | Link

At the end of the download, start the file and after confirming the installation it will start downloading the files needed to run Android on your Windows PC. Once finished downloading BlueStacks will start automatically

If your PC is a Mac you can download BlueStacks from here.

Startup and functions

BlueStacks, actually born as an emulator dedicated to games, and it is clear from the first start, in fact there is no original launcher we are used to but only tabs showing recently used applications and apps (most games) suggested divided by gender.


Obviously we can install our favorite launcher and to test it I downloaded Smart Launcher. The interface is like that of a tablet, notifications are shown at the bottom right, clicking or moving upwards.


In this area, in addition to displaying notifications and the classic clock, there are three buttons (first photo) that from right to left serve to close the application, switch between window and full screen, share the app.

Everything else works as if we were using a tablet on the PC with keyboard and mouse (touch enabled on PC with touch screen). We have the camera that uses our PC's webcam, we can take pictures and make videos, but trying the overview the application (camera) crashes.
Among the pre-installed apps we find: social Twitter and Facebook; the market of Google, that of Amazon and 1Mobile Market; app for developers; app to find other apps and apps to set the format of those installed; finally the SetupWizard which helps us to fully synchronize BlueStacks with our Android device.

Version, settings and memory

As for the settings, we have almost everything available. Even if the device info is missing but I can confirm that the version in use is 4.0.4, then Android ICS. For archiving we have around 16 GB in all (obviously occupied on our Hard Disk) of which almost 8 for the phone (applications) and 8 considered as internal storage space for data and all file types.

the memory

It seems instead impossible to have music and other multimedia files, since we don't have a device connected to the PC and besides there is no folder in which to copy our files, but this is not the BlueStacks target, which is in fact named App Player, and with the app makes her look good!

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