GearBest Anniversary: ​​discounted smartphones and many other offers!

We discovered GearBest months ago, via an interesting gadget, Click ; shortly after we decided to enter into a partnership and, in "all this time", we have proposed several offers and coupons for our readers.

Now GearBest is one year old and - despite the young age - has had great success; consequently he decided to thank and reward his users. Such as?

First of all, offering a smartphone as a gift. We are not talking about any smartphone, but of OnePlus One; anyone who purchases more than 100 $ by February 10 will automatically participate in the draw that will take place the following day on their Facebook page ..

The second and third prize concern 2 coupon: GBBIR to get a discount8% on all products that do not fall within those proposed in this eventG2015, instead, it is a coupon that applies a discount on the total expenditure: for 50 $, 5 is deducted; for 100 $, 9 $ and so on up to 400 $, where a discount of is applied 55$.

Finally, 32 of the best-selling products so far are put on sale - discounted -. Among these we see smartphones, smartwatches, drones, TV boxes, various video cameras and gizmos for electronic cigarettes.
To name a few: OPO to 347 €; Meizu MX4 Pro at 368 €; MiBand 14 €; drones starting from 30 €

The offer still lasts a few days (mea culpa, I could only write now), and find all the details in This Page.

Let me know if you find something interesting!

I anticipate that in the following days we will publish a new contest to win 2 smartwatch

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