[APK] AirPlay Mirroring and Screen Recording for CyanogenMod

With the new version of CyanogenMod it will be possible to make videos of your display without using external applications, often for a fee and in any case not working properly, and unlike Android 4.4 which has this function, but with a more cumbersome process.

For those who flashed the CyanogenMod 10.2 nightly on their device, the apk is already available (download at the bottom), in version beta, to perform Mirroring on TV and to take video of your device's display. The news comes from Koushik Dutta, CWM developer, ROM Manager, Helium, DeskSMS and other projects.

Unfortunately I'm testing Android 4.4 and I can't try the apk, so I report the instructions as it writes Dutta.

Screen recording

To start screen recorder, just use the key combination volume + e power, a bit like the screenshot that uses volume- and power instead. A notification will appear informing you that the recording has been started, it will also be possible to enable the touches, ie make them visible in the video, and (obviously I would say) stop recording. Once the registration is over, just go to see the videos sdcard / MirrorRecordings.
Unfortunately the maximum duration of the recording, the quality and if there are settings to configure it is not known.

Airplay mirroring

To use this it works, just go to Settings -> Display -> Wireless Display and a device scan will start. At this point, choose your device and the screen will be projected.

As already mentioned the apk version is in beta, so this feature has some bugs. So if the operation stops, the solution is to restart the terminal.

Finally, the application will only work on devices that support it Miracast, so on a Galaxy Nexus, for example, it won't work.

I reiterate that, to test the application, a recent CM 10.2 nightly is required.

Here the link to the download. If you try the application, let us know how it goes!

Download | Link

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