[APK] Hangouts 2.0.012 with SMS integration

In the next weeks Hangouts would have received the update for the introduction of SMS but thanks to droid-life we managed to get the apk already now! The download link is at the bottom of the article.

  • With the integration of SMS (you need to activate them from the settings), in the list of contacts with which we usually chat, you will also add all the contacts in the address book, to which you can send text messages or even call.

  • You can now change your status with emoticons (no text at the moment) and we are allowed to show your contacts the device in use e if we are making a call or video call.

  • Animated gifs in conversations

  • An icon has been added that allows you to send your position right next to that of the camera, a very useful function that could not be missed. Obviously by clicking on the shared location, it will open with Maps.

hangout-before-screen hangout-activation-sms hangout-state-d'animo
hangout-position hangout-version

Hangouts | Download in English 1

Hangouts | Download in English 2

Thanks to droid-life and androidpolice

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