Applications in Android offer: Go Launcher Prime, TuneSync and others

After i movies on offer, let's move on to discounted apps and games just for today or a few days!



  • Go Launcher Prime
    One of the easiest launchers to manage, certainly not the best but with good customization. On offer for just three days, switch to 2,24€ | Download
  • OfficeSuite Professional 7
    An excellent application to manage documents, capable of opening Microsoft Office formats and with dozens and dozens of good features passes by 14 € a 0 €! (Only via the Amazon app)
  • TuneSync
    Useful for synchronizing iTunes tracks with Android devices, via WiFi, today discounted by 50% and then available at 2,17€. | Removed from the Play Store


  • Evertales
    An adventure game where you have to face enemies and bosses, choosing from dozens of available weapons and up to 3 different heroes, customizable and each with different characteristics. | Download
  • FireJumpers
    You will have to put out fires and save people in danger thanks to a helicopter. | Download
  • PianoMaster
    Learn to play the piano through this app! Free with the code appoftheday. | Download
  • Vritra
    An 80-style game, where you command a dragon to kill epic monsters. | Download

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