Archery - 3D archery

Archery transforms your smartphone into one of the most enjoyable pastimes you could wish for, in fact it is part of a genre very appreciated by smartphone owners, (500.000 download in a few days), perhaps, for the disarming simplicity of the gameplay at the same time engaging and interesting a bit like the famous fruit ninja.

Choice of the national team

We have available 3 game modes:

  • Tournament: in which we can choose whether to play a friendly, a world championship or to participate in the Olympics
  • League: in which we will have to face several players from different countries
  • Arcade: in which we will be able to choose the difficulty of the game and the nation to which we belong, to then tackle all the other nations in turn

The gameplay is very simple, we will have to aim at the target with a comfortable cursor and shoot an arrow trying to hit the target.

Unfortunately we have no external agents, such as the wind, which affect the trajectory of the arrow and the setting is reduced to 3 maps only, which is a bit repetitive.

center!Another criticism, especially considering the genre of the game, is the lack of online multiplayer or even a local multiplayer mode (bluetooth, WIFI) which would certainly be appreciated by many.

Despite this he manages to entertain and entertain us even for several minutes without tiring, just what a smartphone game should do.

Download it here.

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