The app for low cost online purchases is coming!

trovaperme-614x526Online shopping is enriched almost every day with new options, useful for facilitating purchases on the web. Sometimes, in fact, it happens that before finding the product we are looking for at the best price, a long search is needed, which takes up quite a bit of time and in some cases leads to giving up almost out of exhaustion. Today we talk about TrovaPerMe, an application developed for the Android operating system that acts as a search engine to make purchases online, helping to find the cheapest offers for what you are looking for. The operation of the application is extremely simple: just type in the name of the product you intend to buy and then start the search, which will be carried out among the thousands of offers found in the major Italian marketplaces and on the classifieds sites.

On the smartphone display will appear the best opportunities that come from both private sellers and new or used stores in just a few clicks. Between e-Bay, Kijiji, Autoscout24 and other sites, "TrovaPerMe" will be able to find the best listings, greatly reducing search times on the internet. An effective tool and a very useful app for online shopping e in particular for the online purchase of clothing also signed (as you can see in this section of the site). "TrovaPerMe“Moreover, it offers various options, including the possibility of saving the ads that are considered most interesting in the“ Favorites ”folder and automatic archiving in the“ History ”section of the searches carried out, exactly as in browsers for browsing on the Web.

The search is then facilitated by the possibility of sorting the results by price, both increasing and decreasing, by relevance or by status (for example new or used). The app also offers a calculation of what the average price of all the products found is. Searches may be limited depending on the Province or Region where you are, to make them more functional and precise. In short, the version for mobile devices - all Italian and developed by the team of DMS Lab - almost entirely follows the functions of the "" website, as its interface is almost similar to the original one and is thus rather minimal, clean and therefore easy to consult. No frills, just practicality.

The search bar appears at the top in evidence, and from there you can start scouring the web looking for the products we need. The contents shown by the search engine are updated in real time and therefore the proposed announcements are always new. The only deficiencies compared to the original version are the "email alert", that is the reporting of new updates concerning specific searches based on the parameters we have set, and the tabs of the products that are overall less detailed. There is the possibility of sharing ads via e-mail, but at the moment it is not yet possible to do it through social networks; this gap, however, should be filled within a short time. You can download the application via "Play Store"Totally free.

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