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Some time ago I talked about Atooma, an application to automate some operations on Android through actions related to certain conditions. The function that interests me most is actually to automatically activate and deactivate the airplane mode, but with the latest updates - or more probably due to incompatibility with Android 4.4.2 - this function can no longer be used via Atooma. I then went in search of an alternative, finding a better app, really exceptional, that is AutomateIt

The latter is much more complete than Atooma, you can really do everything even if, initially, it might seem more complicated to set the functions, or better, the rules. The mechanism is always the same: upon the registration of an established event, the established action will follow.

Example: WiFi (action) will be activated at time X (event)

Events and actions are for all needs and we can practically carry out the simplest functions to the most complex. Obviously, however, the free version of AutomateIt will have limits, or some of the events and actions will be blocked. However, unblocking the functions is very simple; indeed 25 points are enough to unlock one. Points can be accumulated by sharing the app with friends or by sharing on facebook and twitter your own rules or those we find on the market, already beautiful and ready, packaged by other users; buying the latter instead we will 'pay' 5 points. Alternatively, and even simpler solution, it is possible to buy the application for yourself 1,68€ (money well spent in my opinion).

AutomateIT AutomateIT-functions

In addition to the functions to be unlocked, we can further integrate AutomateIt with applications such as Facebook, Waze, camera, flash, etc. via i Plugin downloadable for free from the Play Store.

AutomateIT-events-3 AutomateIT-events-2 AutomateIT-events-1
AutomateIT-action-1 AutomateIT-action-2 AutomateIT-action-3

As I said it could be cumbersome to set the first rules, so let's do some practical examples, but first let's specify that you need to have ROOT permissions to make AutomateIt work and that it is possible to carry out complex rules: yesterday speaking with our reader Ibaco on our forum, he pointed out an app to deactivate the data when the screen is deactivated and reactivate it with a certain frequency. After a bit of concussion I managed to get something similar on AutomateIt, but it's a nice complex operation and different functions are needed to unlock, so I'll just do some trivial examples.

Download AutomateIt and let's start | Download in English

To create a rule, just plug new rule on the main screen, then choose the event and action, name and when it will occur.

Reading SMS

We can make an SMS read verbally automatically upon receipt:

  • select the event SMS o SMS from contact
  • select the event pronounce default text, we plug the key and select last SMS content
  • in the last tab, rule, we choose a name, if a pop-up appears and if the rule should always be active or in certain days.
Air Activation
  • select Schedule and we choose the time in which the airplane mode will be activated
  • select the event Set airplane mode
  • we set a name and the days in which this rule will be activated

and so on .. if you want to set a rule but you have difficulty, just ask 😉

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