Badland: The game that sets FlappyBird down

B is in my opinion one of the best games for Android, the statistics confirm it: more than 10 millions of players and many reviews in specialized sites with full marks.

It is a atmospheric play, full of action and adventure, set in a forest full of trees and flowers made with a stupendous minimal graphics and an equally exciting sound.

badland android

Badland Android

The logic of the game recalls the same as Flappy Bird, we will check a bird (I have not yet understood what animal it is) with which we will have to overcome many obstacles simply by touching the screen to fly, but unlike Flappybird we find a intelligent physics that recreates a flight very realistic.

The obstacles foreseen in the beyond 80 levels of the game assure a very interesting gameplay and with the passing of the levels we will find again difficulties more and more rmade with a lot of ingenuity and imagination! there is also a modality offline multiplayer (on the same device) up to four players based on survival without rules where you can shove your rivals against rotary saws to survive!

FlappyBird Fans will have very little to complain about when playing Badland, which I remember was the first game made by Frogmind a new Finnish software house that, given the premises, can only amaze us with other masterpieces.

For install Badland on your Android click the following link | Download

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