Black Shark 2 Pro coming 30 July: Will the Snapdragon 855 Plus be up?

After a few months of well-deserved media silence, Black Shark seems to have returned to be talked about. Today, in fact, the gaming company managed by Xiaomi announced that later this month, precisely the July 30, will present the new Black Shark 2 Pro. An unexpected announcement because the device had not been minimally named. Probably, however, this new version was born after the announcement of Qualcomm to launch the new processor Snapdragon 855 Plus.

Black Shark 2 Pro coming 30 July: Will the Snapdragon 855 + be up?

Black Sharkhas been producing smartphones dedicated to mobile gaming for some years now. This year it produced the second version coming to launch the Black Shark 2 at the beginning of March. The new version, that one Pro, is unpublished and was announced today through the usual Chinese social channels.

Black Shark 2 Pro with Snapdragon 855 plus

The poster posted by the official account of the company on Weibo it does not anticipate anything, only the date and time of the presentation are communicated. Usually every official announcement of any device is accompanied first by rumor and voices that anticipate some aspect. Of this Black Shark 2 Probut nobody knew anything about it. A sign that maybe the device in question was designed by the company in a few days, maybe to integrate a new processor just presented?

In fact, it is a few days ago that the news that Qualcomm introduced the new processor Snapdragon 855 +. The plus version, of the already known high-end processor used by the same Black Shark 2, According to Qualcomm is designed to exponentially improve gaming performance. So probably the new one PRO version of Black Shark it will be nothing but a new version that will present it as a processor SD 855 +. A way to put a device on the market with the new processor and start competing with other smartphone companies already like that Xiaomi, towards the end July will present their device with the SD 855 +.

Obviously in the coming days we will know something more. Surely the design will be the same, the difference should only and exclusively be the new processor. It will also be necessary to understand the launch price which, at this point, should be slightly greater than the basic version.


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