Black Shark 2 Pro: First real image and AnTuTu score

We're almost there, the Black Shark 2 Pro, the brand new variant of the gaming phone by Xiaomi e Black Shark, will soon be presented to the public. Only a little more than 7 days have passed since the official announcement of its release and, for now, we know just a design sketch presented a few days ago. Today, however, two interesting innovations have been published on the network.

Black Shark 2 Pro: First real image and score on AnTuTu

Obviously with the approach of 30 July, official launch date, it was normal to have an intensification of rumor and official news on the device. Today, the first real image of the smartphone appears to have appeared on the network.

Black Shark 2 PRO first real image

The image depicts the back cover of a device Black Shark. The design, as you can well see, does not seem absolutely different from the standard version of the Gaming phone if it were not for the two strips of LED Install in the center of the back cover. In the picture, in fact, you can see a small green light emitted by these new ones LED which, perhaps, we hope will also be configurable to have greater customization.

The news, however, does not end there. There Pro version of the device, in fact, it would seem to have been found on the well-known benchamrk site AnTuTu. In the last hours on the net this score is running:

The result obtained from the device of ben 405598 points it is not bad at all but the fundamental detail is the reference to the presence of Snapdragon 855 Plus. For the first time, therefore, we have a confirmation, even if not official, of the presence of the new version of the Snapdragon presented only a few weeks ago by Qualcomm. For the rest the Pro version of the device does not present any new hardware.

Il Black Shark 2 PROtherefore, we confirm the type of device we had thought of in the last few days. Black Shark, in fact, decided to donate to this new version only a slightly more powerful processor and a more attractive design. It will be interesting to see how its impact on the Chinese market will be and, above all, to find out the official price. So we just have to wait for the July 30 for the official presentation.


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