Black Shark 2 Pro: first benchmark unveils 12 GB of RAM

As usual, with the official announcement of the arrival of the new one Black Shark 2 Pro, also the first leaks of news that gradually provide us with all the components of the device have begun. In the last hour, in fact, a Benchmark test was posted online that would seem to be attributable to the new version of the gaming device. The test in question seems to reveal a first hardware aspect of the device.

Black Shark 2 Pro: First Benchmark test unveils 12 GB of RAM and confirms the Snapdragon 855 Plus?

It is known after a company officially communicates the launch date of a new device all users are catapulted in search of information on the network to anticipate some aspects. Benchmark texts are among the first researches carried out. In fact, a few hours after the announcement of the next device arrives 30 July, the first test seems to have come up too.

black shark 2 pro benchmark

The test in question was carried out on GeekBench and, reading the data, it would seem to be attributable precisely to the Pro version coming out during the next week. The different model name used - blackshark DLT-A0 - and a processor configuration e RAM almost identical to the normal version, make us think that the test is attributable to the PRO version. The same type of motherboard, in both models, could bring down the noise of a possible support for the Snapdragon 855 + but it is not so. Indeed, it SD 855 +, can be installed on the same motherboard as the SD 855.

Obviously we have no official status that the following test is attributable to Black Shark 2 Pro. If confirmed, however, this would mean that the new version of the device would arrive on the market with a memory 12 GB RAM it's a GPU improved by around 15%. So a pro version that, for now, would only bring a slight improvement in terms of graphic computation. Obviously we expect more news in the coming days.

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