Black Shark 2 Pro: Teaser unveils the new rear design

Only a few months ago Xiaomi and Black Shark presented the Black Shark 2. The next July 30instead, the two companies will present a new enhanced version that will be called Black Shark 2 Pro.

Black Shark 2 PRO: Teaser unveils the new rear design

The announcement of the new Pro version of the device was completely unexpected, both because it was never announced in the history of the series and because there were never any rumors about it. So far, however, the company has never spoken of the news that the Pro version should introduce. Today, however, up Weibo the Chinese company has released an image that would reveal the new rear design of the device.

Black Shark 2 PRO retro back teaser

The image in question has a back design that seems to present new vertical bands. Probably these vertical bands will be equipped with lights LED. probably RGB, to give an even more gaming look to the device. Probably also the logo of the gaming company, present on the back, could be customized with lights RGB. Obviously, in this case, all the LED and the lights can be managed by the settings of the device changing colors and light intensity.

For now, therefore, the only official change between the normal version and that PRO it's in the design of the rear. In the hardware, of course, there will certainly be improvements. One of these should be the introduction of the new processor Qualcomm presented a few days ago: lo Snapdragon 855 Plus. A news that is not yet official but that, we feel, to take almost for granted.

In short, the new one Black Shark 2 PRO slowly it takes shape. The July 30 is approaching and with it all the news that Black Shark e Xiaomi have introduced in this new and surprising version!


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