Boeffla kernel arrives for OnePlus One

Who has a Galaxy S3, will never have heard of the famous and excellent Boeffla-Kernel, a custom kernel that can offer excellent performance along with excellent battery life (we'll do an article for Galaxy S3 about it), a little bit about the cake, the excellent Boeffla Sound sound engine. Now in addition to the Galaxy S3 and some Samsung tablets also the OnePlus One is supported by LordBoeffla (the developer of the Kernel), obviously we can't prove it because we don't have a OnePlus One, if you have one, well send us your impressions 🙂


But I confirm that my S3 with Boeffla exceeds all limits ... we hope the same effect also on 1 + 1

Obviously the standard procedure is to be followed:

- Unlocking of bootloader (performs a restore to factory data)


-Installation custom recovery (Council: TWRP)

-Installation custom kernel from the ZIP file

- Apply the tweaks from the app Boeffla-Config


However, we recommend a nandroid-backup 🙂



Recovery: TeamWinRecoveryProject (TWRP)

Kernel: Boeffla-Kernel OnePlus One  (Be careful to choose the correct version for your ROM)

Configuration app: Boeffla-Config V2



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