Amazon mobility bonus: -60% on scooters and electric bikes. How to do

Following the health emergency caused by Covid-19, the ministry has allocated funds to facilitate the purchase of scooters and electric bicycles to encourage mobility in the city and avoid public transport. The mobility bonus 2020 consists of a reduction equal to 60% of the price for a maximum of 500 euros.

All details and how to pay the bonus are available on ministry website, but we will try to summarize them below

Who is eligible for the bonus?

The mobility bonus is unfortunately not intended for all citizens. It is limited to adults with residence in the regional capitals, in the provincial capitals, in the municipalities with a population greater than 50.000 inhabitants and in the municipalities of the metropolitan cities.

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How much the Mobility Bonus is worth

If you fall into these categories, the mobility bonus provides a refund equal to 60% of the amount spent. For example, if we buy a 500 euro scooter, we will be entitled to a 300 euro refund; the final price will therefore be 200 €.

The maximum amount reimbursed is 500 euros. Therefore, by purchasing a bike or scooter from the price of 1000 euros, we will be reimbursed 500 euros instead of 600 (60%); the final price will be 500 euros.

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How to claim the mobility bonus

The bonus is valid for purchases made from 4 May to 31 December 2020. The distribution of the bonus is divided into two phases and depends on the completion of the ministerial platform, currently under construction.

Phase 1. Those who buy before the completion of the platform (phase 1) can then request the bonus as a refund on the dedicated platform, attaching the invoice and the requested data.

Phase 2. This phase will begin when the platform is complete. From this moment on, you will first need to ask for the bonus on the platform and then complete the purchase from official dealers

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Amazon Mobility Bonus - how it works

On Amazon you can already buy electric scooters and bikes. we find here all the necessary information.

In short:

  • register your tax code or VAT number in your Amazon account link
  • buy the product from this list
  • download the invoice | link
  • request a refund on the ministry website (as soon as it is active)
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Mobility Bonus - the best electric scooters

Below is a selection of the best electric scooters available on Amazon and for which you can request the mobility bonus. The complete list of scooters can be found at this link

The following selection shows the full price, from which 60% must be subtracted afterwards. Price and availability may vary

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Mobility Bonus - the best electric bikes

As with scooters, here is a list of Electric bicycles Recommended. The complete list can be found here. Prices and availability are subject to change

Finally a this link find the list that includes electric single wheel ed hoverboard

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