Three Android TV Boxes on offer from 32 Euro!

Un TV Box is an accessory that can turn a simple TV into one Smart TV. And, if you wish, what we're going to create will be a more advanced 'Smart TV' .. if we consider the operating system of thedevice used. Indeed an Android TV box has more versatility and thousands of free apps to download and use on your TV. They are excellent because they can be interfaced with multiple devices: smartphones, gamepads, headphones, keyboards, mice and, finally, because they are excellent at really cheap prices.

I'm trying one right these days, the best buy I've made so far! I'll show you as soon as the review is ready 😉

Today's offers are for three TV box with Android, one of which is stuck at Android 4.4, but caution: if you think of an old interface there is no problem, since each device has its own UI personalized, very colorful and intuitive. If you think about unlikely incompatibilities with apps and services, that's another matter, but I can assure you that the Android version doesn't make much difference on a TV box.

TV Box Beelink Mini Mx vs XiaoMi 3 vs Ditter u28

Beelink Mini MX Xiaomi 3 U28 Ditter
Beelink TV box Xiaomi TV Box TV Box Ditter

Il Beelink Mini MX at the moment it is at the lowest price seen so far, exactly 38.82 €. For XiaoMi 3 U28 Ditter instead we have two coupons to save just a few euros and you can buy them at around 60 and 32 euros, respectively. We see the differences between the three and which would be better to buy.


For the first two we have a Quad Core CPU Amlogic S905, designed for mini PCs and, indeed, TV boxes. The frequency of this processor is 2.0 GHz and (based on mine, more dated, S802) guarantees a good fluidity. The U28 Ditter mounts the CPU instead Allwinner H3, always Quad Core but with lower clock frequency, ie @1.5 GHz. Also the GPU is less good on the latter which mounts a Mali-400MP2 than the more recent Mali-450 installed on Beelink and Xiaomi. There RAM and from 1 giga on all three devices.

Android 5.1 on Beelink, Android 5.0 on Xiaomi and Android 4.4 on Ditter. Internal memory from 8 GB expandable up to 32 on Beelink, 4 GB for Xiaomi not expandable and 8 GB on expandable Ditter up to 64 GB. Okay, with USB ports you can insert external keys and hard drives, but Xiaomi's 4 GB (without SD card) is really a limit: a few extra gigabytes for apps is a must.


All the TV boxes we are analyzing have - obviously - the HDMI output; Ditter however may have a lower speed due to port 1.4 instead of 2.0 present on the others but it also has the output AV for older TVs. All of them support video 4k and codecs H.265; Bluetooth 4.0 for Beelink and Ditter, 4.1 for Xiaomi. Xiaomi even better than the other two in terms of WiFi connection and audio quality. The latter, however, has a single USB port e no door Ethernet.

Remote control: I thought it was the least relevant thing, but it's really hard to use a TV box with Android without a keyboard, an ordeal move with the arrow keys on the screen keyboard. Among the three TV boxes, the Ditter has a better remote control, with alphanumeric keys and multimedia keys not present for the others.

Turning now to the dimensions, we have Beelink 11 x 11 x 1.75 cm for a total of 162 grams; Xiaomi 10 x 10 x 1.95 with a weight of 176 grams and 18.7 x 11.0 x 3 cm for a weight of 142 grams for the Ditter.


  • Beelink Mini Mx at the moment it is at a really interesting price, 38 € with free shipping | Shop
  • Xiaomi 3 is the most expensive of these TV boxes and costs little more than 60 € with coupon XiaoMi3 | Shop
  • Il U28 Ditter is the cheapest of the three: 32 euro with coupon Ditter | Shop

What is the best according to you? I would take the first one! 😀

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