Calus: software for warehouse management

Finding a good management software for your business is not easy, besides the price you need to look at the simplicity of use and if it is suitable for our needs.
In this review we will analyze the software for the Calus warehouse management di RGPSoft which promises to be a valid alternative to the usual more popular management systems.

Installing Calus is very simple, just download the installation file from manufacturer's web page and run it. In a few clicks here we have an icon on our Windows desktop (the software is also compatible with Windows 10), from which it is possible to launch the program.


At first glance, Calus shows a nice graphic look, similar to that of the latest versions of Microsoft Office. For each sector of work there is a tab: the warehouse, the loading and unloading movements, the invoices, the orders, the customer and supplier records and finally an agenda for appointments in Microsoft Outlook style.

The warehouse card is the main one of the program, sorted by column there are all our products with stock and quantity to order, here you can insert new items or edit existing ones with barcode and photo. Excellent research in the list of values, even with the use of the barcode reader. Do not miss the management of offers and product promotions and a convenient popup window that appears after clicking on the icon of each stock item (see image).
The inventory of movements is the heart of the Calus software, in fact here it is possible to make loads from the supplier and sales to customers, everything is very simple and intuitive.
Invoices in the program are managed intelligently: in the transactions tab there is direct invoicing, while in the invoice tab there are only indirect ones, greatly simplifying daily work. The software has been specially designed to be as simple and clear as possible.

The order form, on the other hand, is very spartan, but it allows you to place an order with the supplier and then with a simple click automatically evade the order, in this regard we must say that the software also allows partial evasion of an order . The remaining cards are very obvious and need no explanation.
Calus presents itself as a simple and functional warehouse management software, even the purchase method is innovative and convenient, it is a rent without a subscription. You buy a serial code that at the time of this review costs 28 euro and allows you to activate the software for a year on maximum 3 workstations at the same time. The following year you can buy a new serial code or abandon the program for another warehouse software, we are absolutely not obliged to anything.

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