How to change MIUI icons [Guide]

La MIUI has become one of the most beloved ROMs by geeks - among other reasons - thanks to the vast customization it is endowed with. It is now known that it has a design in style iOS, and those who do not particularly love it can decide to change anything: from the status bar to the toggles, from the dialer to the fonts, from the start animation to the icons.


But now something has changed; who owns the MIUI 7 on your Android smartphone will surely know the application Temi to manage every detail of the interface and those who use MIUI for a long time will also have noticed the change (I would say for the worse) of this application.

In the old versions the MIUI Themes application really allowed to change every aspect, in fact inside there were many voices to change icons, font, boot animation, SMS interface, etc. While now, unfortunately, it only allows you to change the whole theme and the background; there are so many and even free ones, but if you don't like a little detail of the theme, you still have to keep it as it is, or change it completely with another.

Change MIUI icons

Changing MIUI icons is actually still possible, and not only the icons, but also the notification ringtone, boot animation, start-up sound, dialer interface, lock screen background, SMS interface, etc, all for free download but hidden.

Reactivating personalization through the MIUI Themes app is very simple and only one operation is enough, which consists in deleting the application data through the following path: Settings -> Applications -> All -> Themes -> Clear data.

Now just start the Themes app, accept the "terms of use" and click quickly su Customize. Here you will find everything you can customize on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, after a few seconds the application will update automatically, so it will come back again as before, ie without the customize button. You will need to repeat the data removal to make it reappear in case you want to apply new changes.

The removal of data will not delete previously downloaded packages, but will only help to enable the "customize" button.

Did you already know this simple trick to change icons on MIUI?

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