ChatSecure - The anonymous and encrypted chat for Android

ChatSecure is the new instant messaging service created by The Guardian Project

The Guardian Project is an important partner of the Tor project, the most famous anonymous internet communication service capable of rendering a PC or device untraceable, conveying its network traffic through Tor servers that use a particular protocol (onion routing) that makes the entire anonymous network.

Tor Project was also brought to Android thanks to the Orbot application, which we have already reviewed some time ago (go to the article) and that you can download by clicking the following link | Download

When Orbot was developed, it was joined by a first instant messaging service that could take full advantage of Tor's impressive network infrastructure and all this resulted in the GibberBot application, destined to achieve the ambitious goal of securely securing conversation data between users and make them untraceable from any subject, including governments.

To date the project has developed a lot: GibberBot has changed its name to ChatSecure with a new graphic restyling worthy of the main competing applications (Whatsapp, Telegram, Hangouts etc etc) which are flanked by functionality and a level of security that the competition can only dream of. .

ChatSecure features

  • It offers the highest level of security among all instant messaging applications for Android: conversations are totally untraceable by any third party thanks to the OTR ecryption cryptographic protocol, to deepen the features of this protocol read on.
  • Protection of data saved locally on your device: every data stored in the device is password protected and also encrypted so that anyone with physical access to the device cannot in any way obtain our data.
  • ChatSecure allows you to integrate and protect accounts of various types such as: Google Account, Facebook Chat, Jabber and many others.
  • The app is completely free of advertisements!
  • It is possible to send files, images, photos and audio files completely anonymously.
  • Implements the ability to verify the identity of the interlocutor by setting one Secret Question to which the interlocutor will have to answer with the correct keyword.
  • In moments of high risk the button "comes to our aid"Panic”That instantly will uninstall the application and its data from the phone!

For install ChatSecure from the PlayStore click the following link | Download

ChatSecure configuration

For a configuration that guarantees excellent protection and anonymity, both parties involved in the conversation must use ChatSecure or another service that guarantees the protocol of OTR encryption such as Pidgin, Adium or Xabber.

Install Orbot, and keep it active for as long as ChatSecure is used, we can also choose to start it automatically with Android (which certainly wouldn't hurt our privacy!)

Start ChatSecure and enter the account we want, you can add an existing account or create a new one (in this case I recommend selecting the xmpp protocol) and checking the box "Connection via Tor".

ChatSecure - Anonymous Chat for Android

ChatSecure - new account configuration

We have finished the configuration! 

All that remains is to add our contacts and engage in conversations without any more concern for your privacy.

Recommended for anyone who wants to communicate securely on the web, ChatSecure is really an application with a lot of potential, which can be managed quickly and easily through a beautiful graphic interface, without advertising and completely free!

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