Chuwi Hi8: 8 ″ Tablet, 4 Core, 2GB RAM, 87 Euro Dual Boot!

Hold on? I know, you've never heard of this brand, but don't rush and put aside prejudices for a moment, because although the Chinese don't know how to give decent names to their products, I assure you that they know how to "equip" them very well. Let's discover together the characteristics of this interesting product.
Chuwi Hi8

With its 8 inches of screen the Chuwi Hi8 can not be anything but a tablet, but with a small peculiarity: the Dual Boot! For those who do not know it, the Dual Boot is a practice that allows you to choose, when starting the device, the operating system to be used, and this is precisely the case of the tablet that we are going to analyze, which inside hosts both Android KitKat is Windows 8.1.

If that wasn't enough to convince you to buy it, know that the Chuwi Hi8 is moved by a Quad-Core Intel Z3736F SoC who works at a maximum frequency of 2.16 GHz, everything is supported by well 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB expandable memory up to 64 GB.

In short, this device is on a par with the top of the range with its features, which are not yet finished, since the Hi8 uses a well-maintained battery 4000 mAh and an IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

If you are already thinking that this device is right for you, wait until you decide, because if you are fond of photography unfortunately this device is not will satisfy you since its two front and rear objectives are respectively from 0,3 e 2 MegaPixel. But it's still a tablet!

It is self-evident that this is a product suitable for those looking for performance and versatility at the expense of the photographic sector.

The overall dimensions of the device are 211 × 123 mm, the body does not take up too much space on the display while the thickness of only 8 mm gives it an elegant style in line with the latest products of the biggest brands for a total weight of 304 grams.

The last feature remains, perhaps the most interesting: the price.

Chuwi Hi8 is available at Everbuying a 87 Euros, in white color, with free shipping. To buy it, you need to register on the site or log in with your Facebook account. Among the payment methods also figure PayPal if you want a little more security.

If you are interested you can directly consult the product page by clicking here, where you can buy it and view the rest of the images.

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