Clockworkmod: true dual boot - MIUI and Cyanogenmod (Xiaomi MI2 and MI2S)

As a common PC it can host multiple operating systems, so our android device can handle different roms. To do this it is necessary to have one of the most known recovery methods: clockworkmod recovery (CWM). In a precedent article we explained how to flash it, now we will see how to install two different roms. In this case MIUI and Cyanogenmod.

Our data

Before starting, we need to create a backup of the system data and apps in the rom in use, as we will need to do some factory reset. We can use the backup of our device or an application like Titanium backup. I recommend transferring backups to a PC to avoid losing them.

Dual boot activation

After making sure that we have saved our data (and have flashed cwm) we can turn off the device and start it in recovery mode by pressing the volume up key and the power button.
Let's move with the volume keys up to advanced, at the bottom, and select with the power button. In the same way we select enable truedualboot and select yes.

ATTENTION: This will automatically perform a wipe data, so all data (excluding the gallery and tracks) will be erased and the phone restored to factory settings.

We then perform a wipe cache for the system on which we want to install the new rom and a wipe Dalvik cache.
In practice, through the truedualboot we have divided the two partitions, so the two roms will share only images and music tracks. All data, settings and applications will be independent.

Flash new rom

We download the rom that interests us and the gapps and we copy both on the device. For this article I used the cyanogenmod 10.2, the gapps for android 4.3 since the rom is based on android 4.3 and Xiaomi MI2 as a terminal. At the end of the article the download links.
We start in recovery and choose to install the zip file from the sd card (install zip from sd card), we choose the rom, the system on which to install and finally yes. We do the same with the gapps by choosing the same partition.

Now our device has two roms and to choose which one to start we have to set the system from the Advanced menu of recovery. Let's go back and restart the phone to access the new rom!


To get the old rom back as we left it, we restore the backup. It is possible to restore (via Titanium backup) the applications even on the new rom. This though can cause problems, so it is recommended to restore only applications that have nothing to do with the system.


Follow us to find out the differences between MIUI and Cyanogenmod 10.2 😉


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