Discount codes for drones: we start from 20 €

If you are looking for a drone cheap to kill time, today I propose you some discount code for well 3 drones. Two of them are priced around 20 Euros, the third costs a little more due to the advanced features. Let's see them all.

Cheerson CX-10W

CX-10W it's a drone pocket, with exaggeratedly small dimensions, so much so that it can fit in one hand. The measurements are in fact of 6 x 6 cm as regards the sides and of 2.5 cm for the height, while the weight is just 17 grams.

drone cheerson cx 10w price

This drone is equipped with 0.3 MP camera and WiFi; it doesn't have a dedicated controller but it can be driven by Android smartphone or iOS thanks to the dedicated application. Thanks to the camera it is possible to see the route in real time; in addition the app supports the smartphone gyroscope for tack simply by tilting the phone. It is equipped with LEDs for the night and the battery has a capacity of 150 mAh.

The price is 25 Euro, but with a coupon (valid only for the color gold) it is possible to buy it at 20 Euros. To these we must add 1.85 € for shipping.

Coupon: C10WEU

To purchase the CX-10W drone click here


drone JJRC H31 price

JJRC H31 is a drone more advanced than the previous one, with a dedicated controller and some more features. First of all the dimensions are more generous, in fact it measures approximately 30 x 30 cm, with a height of 7.3 cm and a weight of 64 grams.

One of the most interesting features of this drone is its good resistance to both impacts and water, it is actually a drone waterproof.

Unfortunately it has no built-in video camera, but you can still mount it thanks to the appropriate housing. The communication between drone and controller takes place via 2.4 GHz WiFi to 4 channels, finally it is equipped with LED and 6 axis gyroscope. The battery is from 400 mAh.

The price of JJRC H31 is 28.79 Euro, but can be purchased at 23.79 Euros thanks to the coupon below. The shipping charges are included in the price.

Coupon: JJRCH31EU

To purchase the JJRC H31 drone click here

GoolRC 210

drone GoolRC 210 price

The third and last Drone, GoolRC 210, has a price significantly higher than the first two, but it is justified by a much wider battery, a professional controller and by the materials used in the construction: GoolRC 210 has a frame in carbon fiber.

This drone measures 26 x 24 cm, is 6.2 cm high and weighs 304 grams without battery. The latter is well 1500 mAh and feeds 4 2204 2300KV engines; taken individually they have a price of around 20 €.

Everything is managed by a professional controller and a control unit with software open source CC3D to customize various flight parameters. GoolRC 210 is dated with LEDs and compartment for the camera, to be mounted separately.

GoolRC 210 controller

The price is 144 Euro, but can be purchased at 114 Euros, with free shipping, via the following coupon.

Coupon: GoolRCEU

To purchase GoolRC 210 click here

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