How to activate WhatsApp calls

I admit, I don't love WhatsApp, but I cannot not talk about this interesting news: WhatsApp VoIP calls are officially coming.

Calls work with the latest version of WhatsApp, the 2.11.528, already available on the Play Store, but they are not active by default, however there is a very simple procedure to activate them.

The easiest way, in reality, is to be called by someone who already has the function active, unfortunately, the server has gone down due to all the calls made (we are always talking about WhatsApp 😀); the other method only works for those who have root permissions.

Do you have root permissions? Yup? Well, here's how to activate WhatsApp calls

First you need to update WhatsApp, which, as anticipated, is already on the Play Store, but you can also use apkmirror. At this point, through a good file explorer (I recommend ES Fie Explorer) traveled in the following path: /data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/

When you arrive at your destination, you need to change (or add) a string in the file com.whatsapp_preferences.xml.
Search then change the value from falsetrue, save the file and restart the device. If the string is not present, you can add it manually. I had to add it.

as-activate-the-call-whatsapp-inthebit as-enable-the-call-whatsapp-inthebit-1

On reboot, opening WhatsApp, you should see a new tab on the left, ie CALLS. Unfortunately the method does not work on all devices, let's say it works in 70% approximately.
In my case, I see the new tab, but I can't call any numbers: probably my contacts haven't updated WhatsApp yet or maybe because of the down server.
According to some rumors about XDA, calls work fine, sound is good, hope to try the new feature soon. In case of news, I will update the article.

Were you able to make calls work? Let us know

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