How to bypass the Android lockscreen

Nowadays we have to remember a lot of passwords, with the consequence that we often forget a few. Fortunately, there are recovery methods, but in the particular case of Android there are more ways in case we should forget the pin, the sequence or whatever it is of our lock screen.

Usually it is sufficient to restore the password via Google account or in the worst case with a full wipe, but in reality it is possible to restore - or rather eliminate - the password, or the blocking code in more ways: through the app, ADB, recovery ..

This is a double-edged sword, as it makes us understand how easy it is to access any terminal regardless of whether it has an easy or fairly complicated passcode. So this could be a very useful guide in case we forget our password but at the same time malicious if the terminal falls into the wrong hands.

Below I will list seven methods reported on the XDA forum. These have not been personally tested, furthermore it is possible that one method works on certain terminals and on others not. If no one works, it will then be necessary to proceed with a wipe.



  • If you still find the lock / pin / password sequence on reboot, enter any combination
  • If none of these methods work, a full wipe is required;
  • Active USB debugging is required, in some cases even ROOT


Here are the methods to bypass the Android lockscreen

1 method

Solution via Recovery

  • Download Pattern Password Disable | Download
  • Copy the file to your phone
  • Restart the terminal in recovery mode
  • flash the file and restart

2 method

Solution via ADB

  • Install ADB (if not installed); on Ubuntu execute the line:
    sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb
  • connect the terminal to the PC and start a terminal
  • execute the following commands
    adb devices adb shell cd data / system on rm * .key
  • reboot

UPDATE: The following is the case of Marco which used this method using recovery, since it could not activate usb debugging due to the password. (Root permissions enabled, Galaxy S3 device)

  1. from cell. off press together Vol up + Home + power button to enter recovery (I have the PhilZ Touch 6 recovery
  2. connect usb cable to the p
  3. proceed with the 2 method ignoring any error with the "su" command (as happened to me) that says this: "/ sbin / sh: su: not found" and continue with the following instructions
  4. once the cell has restarted. accepts any combination of gestures

3 method

Solution via SMS (only as a precaution, if the phone is already locked choose another method)

      • Download and install the application | Download
      • Give the ROOT permissions
      • Set a different pin from the preset one (1234)
      • Send a message from another phone to unlock, as follows:
        reset code      (1234 reset for example)
      • The phone will restart

4 method

Solution via ADB - SQL

      • Through terminal, execute the following commands
        adb shell cd /data/data/ sqlite3 settings.db update system set value = 0 where name = 'lock_pattern_autolock'; update system set value = 0 where name = 'lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently'; .Quit
      • reboot

5 method

Solution via ADB - file removal

      • Connect the phone and open a terminal
      • Enter:
        adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

6 method

Solution via USB debugging

[Will update in the future]

7 method

Solution via Recovery

      • Download and copy on your phone Aroma file | Download
      • Start the phone in recovery
      • Using the "mount" option, mount everything
      • Then flashate the file
      • After installation, aromafilemanager will start, use the volume rocker to move and the power button to select, as with the recovery
      • Go to "Menu", then to "Settings"
      • At the bottom, select "mount all partition in startup", then exit from aromafilemanager
      • After closing the aroma, flash it again and it will start again
      • Move to "Data", then to "System"
      • Find yourself now gesture.key (for the sequence) or password.key (for the password). Tap extended on one of these, then select "delete"
      • reboot


And do you know any other method?

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