How to search for images without copyright on Google

To find the images, we certainly refer to Google Images, but if we were to use an image for a blog (as in our case) or to modify it and use it elsewhere or even sell it, will it be possible to take the first image we like and use it to our liking?

As we can see when we open an image, the message appears on the right 'Images may be subject to copyright'


Well, this message will always appear, for every image, so how do we know which image really has copyright and which doesn't? You will surely know that you can apply filters in searches, useful for finding the exact dimensions, to find the period in which they were published, etc., and among these there is also the tool to find images without copyright, or better marked as reusable .

To apply this filter, simply press the button Research tools, then click Rights of use and choose the option that we consider the most appropriate of the present ones.


We can also apply this filter through the instrument Advanced Search reachable through the gear-shaped button at the top right and then choosing the desired option from the drop-down menu where the item usage rights


Here surely the options are clearer, but I still want to expose their meaning, so in order they mean:

  • find the images in standard mode, without any filter. Most photos will be protected by copyright and cannot be reused
  • find images that despite being protected, can still be reshared
  • as before, but with the possibility of profit
  • sharable and also editable images. We can therefore do what we want but not for profit
  • as before with the possibility to resell the images.

Obviously the images that will now appear among your results will no longer be extended on dozens of pages as in a normal search without filters applied. In the worst cases, not even an image will be filled depending on the keyword used. The advice I can give you is to enter keywords in English, to get more results 😉

And did you already apply the filter or did you always use the first image that interested you (like me)?

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