How to create lyrics synchronized with audio tracks

Anyone who has tried the MIUI ROM at least once knows that the application certainly does Music allows us to see the lyrics of the songs in karaoke style and that is able to download the lyrics of almost all the most popular songs. The problem is precisely for the little-known songs, which do not have the lyrics in the database and in these cases are associated with completely wrong texts, songs and artists that have nothing to do.

If we like reading the text so much during a song, there are 3 alternatives:

  • Use another application: one of the best is musiXmatch which, in short, in addition to finding lyrics like the MIUI Music app, it also finds songs like Shazam and is an excellent player. Even in this case, however, there is not much to do for the less famous songs.
  • Download the file *.lrc of the song to be copied in the appropriate text folder and then recall it in the right song. But from the research I did I found nothing, on the contrary if you know where and if it is possible to find them let us know!
  • Create the file directly, and as you understand the article is based on this.

To create this file, we can use both the PC and the phone, but you have to write a bit so I recommend the phone to understand the operation and the first tests and the PC to do the complete job. Obviously we don't have to know the song by heart to be able to write the text, so we can use google, but we have to use some instead tag to define author, song album and at what time the text should scroll.

NOTE: the guide is written for the Music application of MIUI, but the file should work on any application (phone, PC, etc) that uses it in the same format, or .lrc.


Create lyrics for mp3

If we want to create this file directly on the PC, we need a text editor. The notepad is perfect. To write on the phone we must instead have applications to be able to create text files (any Office is fine, I use Kingsoft but that's ok too Quickoffice) and a file manager that allows you to change the file extension.

What we need to do is look for the text of our song and copy it into the new file, then start positioning the tags. Unfortunately it takes a little patience but in the end the result is excellent.

The tags to insert are the following:

[you:titolocanzone] here is the text of the song [ar:nomeartista] here the name of the artist [al:nomealbum] album [XX:XX.XX] instead this is the time expressed in minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second.


The first tags will not be shown, while the last one, the time, sets the exact time the text will appear. It will therefore be necessary to put it before each line, setting the right minute, second and also wanting the cents for greater precision.

Let's take an example to understand each other better

Plain text Text modified for the reader


I can't escape this hell
So many times i've tried
But i'm still caged inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can not control myself
I know what if you can see the darkest side of me?
No one would ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal
(This animal, this animal)

[ar: Theee Days Grace]
[ti: Animal I have become]
[al: One-X] [00: 26.00] I can't escape this hell
[00: 34.00] So many times i've tried
[00: 43.00] But i'm still caged inside
[00: 50.00] Somebody get me through this nightmare
[00: 54.00] I can't control myself
[00: 58.00] I know what if you can see the dark side of me?
[01: 02.00] No one would ever change this animal I have become
[01: 06.00] Help me believe it's not the real me
[01.10.00] Somebody help me tame this animal
[01: 14.00] (This animal, this animal)


As you can see I have not even entered the tenths and hundredths of a second because this way you already get a good result. To insert the cents correctly you need a player (maybe for audio editing) that shows them during playback, while I used youtube just to take the example. 

Once we finish writing the time in all the lines, we save the text file and modify the extension to '.lrc' (without apexes of course) and put the name of the song. So (if we did the work on the PC) we move the file to the phone in the folder / MIUI / music / lyric. So let's open the reader and play our song, move to the lyrics tab and after tapping the Settings button select Edit song information -> Use saved lyrics and select our file.

At this point the words of our text will flow in sync with those of the song. I recommend taking the time of the song that we have on our phone and not from youtube or other similar songs because it could change the time, even if only slightly.

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