[Guide] How to create an Android theme (Theme Engine)

In the Android world you can indulge yourself by creating anything: applications, games, widgets, icons, themes, etc; maybe even earning it. It is true that the development of games and apps requires the knowledge of one or more languages ​​and often more people, but creating an icon pack or a theme is much easier than the previous ones.

But looking around the net, it is also true that we do not find detailed guides about it, so in this article we will explain how create an Android theme! For this guide we must thank + Cristiano Spada, who, in addition to having received great success with his unique and beautiful themes, was also very kind to explain and show us how to create an Android theme! Obviously the theme will be compatible with Theme Engine and then on cooked ROMs (CM, PA, etc)

Here are some examples of the themes created by Cristiano and available on the Play Store (removed, at the following link you will find the new themes!), and follow the guide! Here you will find all his themes.


This guide is dedicated to all those people who want to start "working" in the vast Android world; no special skills are required, no programming, but a minimum knowledge of the PC (to configure it at its best) and of graphics programs (photoshop, gimp, etc.) is absolutely necessary.
For convenience I will divide the guide into several parts: in the first I will guide you in the configuration of the working environments (first Windows and then Linux), later I will give you some advice to start creating your PNGs and then your theme.

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